Wholesale Back To School Supplies

August 11th, 2014

It may be 30 degrees outside and the holidays have only just begun, but as every good Boy Scout knows, we need to ‘Be Prepared’ and get ready to go back to school in September. So get in on the summer spending action with our wholesale back to school supplies.

As a kid, the highlight of my summer holidays was going shopping to pick out my stationery and school bag for September. Even then there were so many choices, but with pocket money being hard earned (and not much), instead of going to WHSmiths for the expensive stuff, we’d head to the market and the smaller stores to grab some bargains. Not much has changed in the last 30 years, everyone is still looking to spend as little as possible while buying quality items, the only difference being now they might trawl through eBay or Amazon as well as wondering up and down the high street. So whether you’re a bricks and mortar shop, stall, or online retailer, with our stationery at amazing wholesale prices for ‘pound lines’, your customers can still get a great deal.

Stationery is one thing, but you won’t get far with armfuls of pens, paper and other accessories without a statement school bag to carry it all in. Our range of wholesale character bags, school bags and lunch bags has so many to choose from, from One Direction to Postman Pat, and everything in between.

So now the boring stuff for parents: Socks. Tights. Vests. Underwear. The essentials. What else is there to say about them? Everyone needs them, everyone wants them at a great price. Our wholesale school socks are excellent quality, and with prices starting from just 33p per pair , you and your customers can’t go wrong.

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